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One size does not fit all
David A. Proctor, CLU, ChFC

We all want choices today. When we go out to dinner, we like to make substitutions. More and more vehicles are “custom orders” with buyers specifying an almost endless list of personal preferences.

Healthcare programs are no exception. Employees want—and expect—a plan that fits them individually and they’re less than satisfied if they must take something different.

More and more healthcare providers are listening to their “customers,” those who use and often must pay a percentage of the cost of employer-sponsored plans.

This is the real world of healthcare today and the message isn’t lost on employers who want to do everything possible to meet the needs of their workers.

As you might imagine, sorting out healthcare options isn’t easy today. It’s easy to be confused by the wording and hard to make apples-to-apples comparisons. You think you are getting certain benefits and later you find out they are not included.

The Proctor staff recognizes the enormity of this issue and our people realize that no one wants to make a mistake when purchasing a healthcare plan for a business. This is why we are always ready to help clarify issues, provide background information, and make suggestions.

When you make a plan purchasing decision, you want it to be the right one. You don’t want to discover shortcomings after the fact.

We welcome the consulting role because it allows us to draw on our experience and it gives us the satisfaction of knowing you and your employees are getting a plan that meets your expectations.

With your employees depending on your choice of healthcare plans, having clear, accurate information, unbiased counsel and the right options is essential. This is a responsibility all of us at Proctor accept.